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Blueiot: Revolutionizing Indoor Positioning – An Overview

In the world of cutting-edge technology, one brand stands out as a pioneer in the realm of indoor positioning companies: Blueiot. With a commitment to transforming the way we perceive and interact with indoor spaces, Blueiot has harnessed the power of Bluetooth AoA positioning technology to offer high-precision solutions for a wide range of industries.

A New Era in Indoor Positioning

Blueiot’s innovative approach to indoor positioning has ushered in a new era. By leveraging the signal reach angle (AoA) positioning algorithm, Blueiot has achieved sub-meter accuracy, surpassing traditional Bluetooth technology’s 5-meter range. This remarkable leap in precision is redefining how we navigate indoor environments, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking reliable and accurate indoor positioning solutions.

Diverse Applications

Transportation Hub: Blueiot’s solutions extend outdoor location data to solve the challenge of inaccurate satellite data in large indoor spaces such as airports, high-speed rail stations, and subway stations. This enhances intelligent traffic management and personalized passenger services.

Smart Supermarket: Blueiot provides high-precision positioning for shopping carts and consumer mobile phones, enabling navigation, shopping cart management, big data analysis, and optimized store layouts. This enhances the efficiency of supermarket operations.

Hospital/Pension: Blueiot’s solutions enhance medical guidance and behavior management through spatial perception, improving internal management and business processes for smarter services and interactions.

Smart Cultural Tourism: With sub-meter accurate positioning, Blueiot’s solutions offer mobile phone guidance, enabling cultural tourism locations to unlock new data value. This supports the growth of culture and tourism, enhancing visitor experiences and innovation in scenic spots, exhibitions, museums, and amusement parks.


In conclusion, Blueiot is not just a brand; it’s a game-changer in the world of indoor positioning. Whether you’re in the transportation, retail, healthcare, cultural tourism, or manufacturing sector, Blueiot’s solutions have the potential to transform your operations and enhance user experiences.

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