Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundme- Kevin Ford, His Family

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Have you heard about the hamburger king employee who was given $300k USD in a donation? Want to learn more about the man who made him so wealthy? We invite you read the rest.

Kevin Ford is a Burger King employee from Las Vegas, United States. This brand is also well-known Canada. This article will give you detailed information about Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme .

Information about Gofundme and Burger King Employees who Have Been Working for 27 Years

Kevin Ford, 54, started his career at Burger King at Mc Carran International Airport in 1995. He worked as a cashier and as a chef. Kevin never took a leave from his job in the 27 years that he was with us.

Kevin was presented with small gifts by the manager of the company, including chocolates, candy, movie tickets, and a Starbucks coffee cup. Kevin is grateful for the gifts and is thanked in a video by his coworkers.

Kevin Ford, His Family

Kevin is the father to four girls. When he started his career at Burger King, he was single. When he felt the need, he remarried. Seryna Ford, Kevin’s daughter, created Gofundme in honor of her father’s extraordinary service.

She raised 200USD to support Kevin’s plans to take his grandchildren on a trip. Kevin is eager to meet his daughters, and their families.

What was the Declaration that Was Made for Burger King Workers 27 Years Gofundme

Seryna (Kevin’s daughter) posted on Gofundme about her father’s exceptional service to Burger King. She shared with us that her father took care of her and her older sibling while he was at Burger King.

The organization offered excellent benefits including insurance for her family and school tuition. She asked for donations to her father from people. The fund was funded by 300K USD of donations from individuals who supported Kevin.

Why is Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme Trending in News

According to the report the most popular news today is about the Burger King employee with the huge amount of money. This is because of the sincerity Kevin Ford, a Burger King employee, has shown throughout his career as well as the love he has received. These efforts are worthy of appreciation.


This article is about the story of a man whose sincerity and work ethic are highly recommended.

Burger King Employee 27-year Gofundme is an interesting topic that merits to be discussed. Are there any Kevin Ford stories you can share? We would love to hear about your story.

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