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Exploring Jackery’s Solar Generators in Australia

Distinguished for its commitment to sustainability and reliability in the solar power sector, Jackery has been gaining notable recognition in Australia. This article will delve into Jackery’s exceptional range of solar generators, highlighting their role as a trusted choice for eco-enthusiasts in Australia with a focus on solar generators Australia.

Introducing Jackery

Founded in California, USA, in 2012, Jackery has been on a mission to make green energy accessible to everyone. With a vision to bring eco-friendly power solutions to the world, Jackery made its mark by launching the its first outdoor portable power stations back in 2016. This innovation garnered international recognition, with awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.

The Power of the Sun in Australia

Australia, with its abundant sunshine, is the perfect canvas for harnessing solar power. The Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panel series, offer an impressive solar conversion efficiency. In Australia, where sunny days are aplenty, this means quick and efficient solar charging. With the Jackery SolarSaga solar panels, even on cloudy days, the Jackery SolarSaga solar panels absorb and regulate sunlight and then store the energy in the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station. The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station can be fully charged in 7 hours via the Jackery 100W SolarSaga solar panels. Plus, they work seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C, making them suitable for Australian weather conditions.

Solar Generators Australia Trusts

In Australia, Jackery has earned its reputation as a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and those looking for a reliable power backup. Their flagship models, such as the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro, offer gigantic power capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. These include powering air compressors, hot plates, coffee makers, electric grills, and much more.

A Glimpse into the Future: Solar Power Banks

In the ever-evolving landscape of green energy, Jackery offers more than just solar generators. Their range extends to portable solar power banks that allow you to harness the sun’s energy on the go. These power banks are perfect for charging small devices, such as phones, iPads, and laptops, all while enjoying the great Australian outdoors.


In Australia, Jackery’s solar generators have truly made a mark by offering efficient and eco-friendly power solutions. They cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking reliable power backup. With a commitment to sustainability, Jackery solar generators and solar power banks pave the way for a greener future in Australian. If you’re looking for solar generators in Australia, Jackery is a brand worth considering.

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