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Faculty of Economics and Management at ACEM: Professor Haitao Yin

Professor Haitao Yin is a distinguished faculty member at the Department of Economics, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He holds the position of Vice Dean for International Outreach and has a strong background in applied economics and managerial science. With his extensive academic experience and expertise, Professor Yin is a valuable asset to the faculty of economics and management at ACEM.

Research Focus and Accomplishments in Environmental and Energy Economics

Professor Haitao Yin’s research primarily focuses on environmental economics and policy, as well as energy economics and policy. His work aims to analyze the environmental impact of policies and regulations, the role of economic integration in promoting cleaner production, and the effectiveness of risk-based pricing and insurance in reducing environmental accidents. Professor Yin has published several influential articles in reputable journals, including the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Environmental and Resource Economics, and the Journal of Business Ethics. His research has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the APPAM Best Dissertation Award and the Society for Risk Analysis Best Paper Award.

Teaching Environmental Economics and Energy Policy at ACEM

At ACEM, Professor Haitao Yin teaches a range of courses related to environmental economics and energy policy. Undergraduate students can benefit from his expertise through courses such as Environmental Economics, Applied Statistics, and Management of Technology and Innovation. At the doctoral level, Professor Yin offers a course on Environmental and Energy Policy. Through his teaching, he equips students with a solid understanding of these topics, enabling them to contribute to sustainable development and make informed decisions in the field of economics and management.


In conclusion, Professor Haitao Yin’s distinguished profile, research contributions, and teaching expertise make him an invaluable member of the faculty of economics and management at ACEM. His research in environmental and energy economics provides valuable insights into policy implications and sustainable practices. Through his teaching, he empowers students to understand and address environmental and energy-related challenges, preparing them for impactful careers in the field.

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