Tracing Notification Fraud – People are being sent a message by the NHS asking for vaccinations.

This article will cover the Tracing Warning Scam. This message is used by scammers to con people. Have you ever received a notification from NHS that you were afflicted by omicrons? Did you ever click the link in the SMS message?

People online receive a message from the NHS asking for vaccinations. They warn people that they are in contact with Omicron-positive persons. You will need to order a test kit in order to avoid any further infection. This scam is very popular in the United Kingdom. We need to know more about the Tracing Notice Scam.

Notification of a Scam.

Random numbers send people text messages informing them they are in touch with an individual with the micro virus. You will need a Covid 19 test kit to determine if your body is contaminated.

You will also find a link to an unofficial NHS company where you can buy a kit for a fixed price. This message also contains your bank details and personal information. Scammers can use this information to steal your money.

Tracing Notification Fraud or Real.

According to the NHS and the police authority there are no guidelines. According to the authority, this is a false message. It informs people that Covid positive individuals are being monitored by NHS. All people who come in contact with them will be quarantined pending further clarification.

This message can be used to deceive people. According to the NHS, you should be aware of fake news and avoid buying any kits without visiting this link. All medication for Covid19 are free.

Scammers Scam people with Tracing Notice?

Covid 19 is a time when people are willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Covid 19 was a devastating and traumatic virus that spread around the globe. All countries are concerned about Coronavirus. It is simple to scam people with this virus notification.

The disease is still rare. Scammers can use this virus to scan individuals and obtain personal information, such as bank information and PAN card information. Tracing Warning Scam is fraud. Please be aware. According to the government, all medication and coronavirus treatment is free.


Covid 19 is the latest scam. The message claims that you will need to buy a covid-19 test kit. This message will ask for your personal and bank details in order to scam you.

The message was also sent via your mobile device. Please let us know if this message was sent to your mobile device. The full text of the NHS Tracing Notice Scam can be viewed here.

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