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Unleashing Innovation: The Core Technology of Battery Smart Production Lines by SZJ Automation

SZJ Automation, a leading name in the cell manufacturing industry, takes pride in its cutting-edge R&D organization. With over 500 professional design and R&D personnel, SZJ Automation is at the forefront of technological advancements in the field. Their core technology of battery smart production lines is driven by relentless R&D innovation, ensuring the company stays ahead of the curve and delivers intelligent manufacturing systems.

Research Institute and Technology Center: Pioneers of Technological Advancement

SZJ Automation’s R&D organization is divided into the Research Institute and Technology Center, both led by doctoral technologists and pioneers in innovative technology research and development. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of technology, these divisions spearhead advancements in cell manufacturing. They bring together expertise in various domains, including general technology R&D, laser product R&D, automation software development, laser R&D, and visual inspection technology.

Mechanical Innovation and Laser Processing

The Research Institute at SZJ Automation houses centers dedicated to mechanical innovation and laser processing. These centers explore novel approaches to enhance the efficiency and precision of battery production. Through continuous research and development, they optimize mechanical components and integrate laser processing technologies to achieve superior results. The advancements in these areas contribute to the overall evolution of SZJ Automation’s intelligent manufacturing systems.

Automation and Visual Inspection Technology

Automation Software Development and Visual Inspection Technology centers within the Research Institute of SZJ Automation play a pivotal role in driving the company’s technological capabilities forward. Automation software development enables the creation of intelligent and automated production processes, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency. Visual inspection technology ensures stringent quality control by leveraging advanced algorithms and computer vision to detect defects and anomalies in battery production.


SZJ Automation‘s core technology of battery smart production lines is fueled by its exceptional R&D organization. With a team of over 500 professionals, including doctoral technologists, SZJ Automation is committed to continuous R&D innovation in the cell manufacturing industry. Their Research Institute and Technology Center encompasses various domains, such as mechanical innovation, laser processing, automation software development, and visual inspection technology. By pushing the boundaries of technology and upgrading their capabilities, SZJ Automation paves the way for intelligent manufacturing systems that revolutionize the battery industry. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, SZJ Automation sets new benchmarks in efficiency, quality, and productivity.

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