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Why the Horow TG02W is the Best Wall Hung Toilet for Modern Bathrooms

In the pursuit of a sleek and modern bathroom, finding the perfect toilet is crucial. Among the many options available, Horow’s wall hung toilet stands out for its innovative design and practical benefits. For those looking to optimize their bathroom space while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic, the Horow TG02W is an excellent choice.

Space-Saving Benefits

One of the primary advantages of the Horow TG02W wall hung toilet is its space-saving design. Unlike traditional floor-mounted models, this toilet is mounted directly to the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. This design saves up to 12 inches compared to conventional toilets, making it an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms or those looking to create a more open and spacious environment. The compact design does not compromise functionality, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience.

Integrated Design and Modern Aesthetics

The Horow TG02W wall hung toilet is crafted with an integrated design that seamlessly blends with contemporary bathroom decor. Made from white refractory clay ceramics, this toilet offers a sleek, polished finish that enhances any modern bathroom. The clean lines and minimalist design contribute to a sophisticated look, making it a standout piece in any home.

Adding to its aesthetic appeal is the round flush basin, which complements the overall design while ensuring efficient water usage. The round basin is not only visually pleasing but also functional, providing a powerful and thorough flush every time. This combination of style and efficiency makes the Horow TG02W a perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

A Smart Choice for Contemporary Homes

Choosing the Horow TG02W wall hung toilet means investing in both style and practicality. Its space-saving benefits, integrated design, and high-quality materials ensure it meets the demands of modern living. The use of white refractory clay ceramics ensures durability and a lasting shine, while the round flush basin offers both aesthetic and functional advantages.


For those in search of a wall hung toilet that perfectly balances form and function, the Horow TG02W is an outstanding choice. Its innovative space-saving design, elegant appearance, and efficient performance make it an excellent addition to any contemporary bathroom. Embrace the benefits of the Horow TG02W and transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary of style and comfort.

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